butterfly charmLanyards and charms can be awesome accessories for anyone who wants to benefit from wearing jewelry with a certain meaning. Lanyards are like straps worn around the neck, wrist or even shoulders and the charms works like talismans that can bring you luck, happiness and anything you need in life. Dating back from the fifteenth century, these fashion accessories are so popular today that they can also be used for other purposes than fashion.

While many people don’t know the term lanyard, the truth is these straps are used on a lot in everyday life. People usually know them, but not many know their meaning or name. You can find these accessories in different of styles, size and colors, made from a variety of materials. They can be made by hand or produced at an industrial scale. You can even customize existing lanyards and add charms that you can wear for aesthetics, luck and other purposes.

Charms got their name from objects that were used a long time ago to represent certain properties given to these objects by spells. For example, you can have a charm in the shape of a red heart, symbolizing love. It can even be enchanted to attract love in the life of the person who wears it.

It’s All About The Look

For women, there are lanyards that have a feminine look, such as beaded lanyards. The straps can be made of cotton, cord, polyester or nylon. Even if these straps cannot be printed, they can have any type or color using dye and different styles. Charms can compensate when it comes to printing, through methods like dye sublimation, screen printing or hot stamping. The technologies used today allow a high level of detail to be displayed on charms.

The lanyard industry is constantly growing today, since many companies use personalized designs for representing their logos, names, symbols and slogans. Text messages can be included as well. Lanyards are not only meant to be worn on your body, as the can also be great for other purposes too. You can even use lanyards as key accessories, but also with whistles, cameras, phones, memory sticks, or ID badges.

When purchased in bulk, lanyards can be really cheap, but the prices are affordable even if you get only a particular item. One of the reasons is that the pieces are usually small. You can find such items in many physical stores and online. Handcrafted items can be found often when you are in vacation, as souvenirs. In this case, the accessories can have a spiritual meaning. What you find can depend a lot on the type of lanyards and charms that you are looking for.