insulationGoing green and saving the environment and reducing carbon footprints are not mere slogans anymore. As more awareness is created, people are getting more and more enthusiastic about saving on energy bills and cutting down on power consumption as well as costs. Spray foam insulation offers a simple solution to the problem. Most often energy bills increase due to insufficient insulation. When there is insufficient insulation, the air tends to escape through the small gaps and crevices in the house. This will result in an increase in the heating as well as cooling bills.

Spray Foam Equipment

Spray foam equipment is to be used with caution, and it should ideally be left to the professionals to do their job as there is a lot of technical detail involved. This equipment uses liquid polyurethane, and this is sprayed into the gaps and crevices using a spray gun. As this spray foam comes in contact with the surface, it becomes hard and thereby covers the holes.

Spray Foam Contractors

Engaging the services of professionals will help in decreasing your energy bills, resulting in considerable savings in the long run. They will assist in offering the best solution about appropriate insulation choices for your needs. The R-Value is something that needs to be discussed in detail with your contractor. The R-Value is the level at which the product can effectively resist the changes in temperature. This means that even if the temperature on one side of a wall remains high, the temperature, on the other hand, must continue to be constant. There should be no fluctuation in the temperature within the walls inside. Higher R-value means that there will be less thermal transfer.

Cost Factor

The costs will vary depending on the area you live. However, any spray foam insulation contractors will be more than willing to give you a cost estimate. You can get a clear understanding of why you must choose one option over the other. The cost will depend on the area or the dimensions of the house as well. As one insulation company in Westchester County put it, “It’s not a cost, it’s an investment”.

Energy Efficient Homes

Efficient and well-experienced spray insulation contractors will possess enough knowledge to give you some useful tips to conserve energy and make your home energy efficient. Look for a contractor from well-reviewed company who has years of knowledge and experience in the field.

Spray Foam Insulation is the Best Solution

Recently, many homeowners have been emphasizing energy conservation which has resulted in recommendations for reusable/recyclable products. Many contractors and home improvement businesses are offering spray foam, which is green, relatively cost efficient and safe to install in your home or office.

Spray foam protects the environment by minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. Many foam manufacturers have decided to build a quality product with the highest renewable resource content to encourage homeowners to purchase this product as it protects the environment. It emits few harmful chemicals into the environment.