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Dog Arthritis – Do Glucosamine Chews Work?

dog glucosamineDid you know that glucosamine is also incredibly beneficial for your dog’s health, especially if your dog has issues with arthritis, joint pain, or even both? Spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars at the vet may not always be good for your budget, which is why there are glucosamine supplements specifically made for dogs that are both beneficial and safe.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a chemical compound that is both natural and found within your body, which can also be in a supplemental form as sulfate or hydrochlorine. The glucosamine that is naturally in your body helps with the upkeep of your cartilage, the rubbery tissue in charge of cushioning the joints at your bones, which can drop as you age. Through long periods of time this will lead to a natural, gradual breakdown of your joints.

Not only is glucosamine good for arthritis and joint pain, but it also helps in treating other certain conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, chronic venous insufficiency, long-term back pain, certain injuries, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, and temporomandibular joint problems.

Will it Work for My Dog?

Multiple studies and tests have revealed that glucosamine supplements can help dogs who suffer from arthritis and problems with their joints, which results in a painful life, just as it does for humans. Your veterinarian will be able to write your dog a prescription, but if that is not in your budget, there are chew treats that you can buy online or in your local pet store or chain.

How Does Glucosamine Work in Dogs?

Glucosamine works in dogs by providing the necessary building blocks for new cartilage to produce and grow, and helps to produce a substance known as “glycosaminoglycans”, which, when combined with hyaluronic acid, create the main cartilage structure needed for strong joints, which is called “proteoglycans”.

Essentially you are aiding the process of the regrowth and renewal of the joints and cartilage within your dog’s system through a natural, safe way, without running the risk of any awful side effects or further healing complications. After all, depending on how advanced the arthritis and joint damage in your dog is, certain procedures and daily life activities can become a danger, and must be cut out entirely unless something is done, including adding a glucosamine supplement.

Are There Any Dangerous Side Effects?

Even though something may help our pets get better, dangerous side effects are always a great concern, and as a pet parent you only want the best for your dog. However, with glucosamine, there are literally zero side effects because it’s something that is 100% natural, and already in the body! The most common side effects are minor diarrhea and vomiting, which can be avoided completely by either giving your pet their dose with food, or by slightly reducing the dosage they are currently taking.

Glucosamine for the Health of Your Dog

Glucosamine chews for dogs are one of the safest products to use for your dog if they are suffering from arthritis and/or joint pain, without having to worry about dangerous side effects.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

dog insurancePeople who own pets usually love them dearly and would not want to see anything happen to them, especially when it comes to their health. This is why a lot of them decide to get pet insurance or, at least, believe that this is an excellent idea. But, at the same time, a huge majority does not understand this concept and fails to realize how pet insurance actually works. Here are the most important facts about getting an insurance policy for a pet and how does it function from the perspective of the policyholder, but also the insurance company.

The Mechanism of Insurance

When it comes to this phenomenon, many think that pet insurance functions in a similar manner as insurance for humans works. But, actually, these types of insurance represent a variation on property insurance policies. This means that in a case of any medical treatment, the pet owner can be reimbursed once he or she submits a proper claim to their insurance company. For example, in the UK, these insurance policies may cover up to 100% of veterinarian costs, but this practice is not universal. In the UK, customers can pay a similar version of insurance to that of a motor option. This means that they pay the excess range of costs, which is usually between £40 and £100.

The US and Canada Approach

In North America, mainly US and Canada, the holders of the pet insurance policies can either pay a scheduled benefit or pay a part of the veterinarian costs. These costs can be covered in a range between 70 and 100 percent, depending on the company and the exact policy that was purchased. In practice, this means that the pet owner covers the costs with their own money, and then submits a claim that asks for reimbursements. But, this process works for small interventions.  Before choosing, make sure to find the best plan for your animal. reviews some of the best pet insurance companies and explains the pros and cons of each.

In the case of large bills that come from a lengthy operation or long recuperation periods, most veterinarians will provide the owner with a payment plan that will wait for the insurance claim processing to be completed. In fact, some insurance companies that offer this service pay the veterinarians directly instead of providing the money to their customers, making the process a lot smoother and faster. In these cases, the pet insurance policy is so advanced that it starts to look more like regular healthcare human insurance options.

Types of Policies

Usually, pet owners can choose between lifetime and non-lifetime options. The lifetime option covers a pet during its lifetime so that any condition that might appear in the first year will not be excluded in the later years. The non-lifetime policy covers most conditions during the first year, but these might be excluded in the subsequent 12 months. But, even lifetime policies have some limitations and conditions.

Other Costs Covered By Policies

Pet insurance options do not only cover medical issues. In fact, there are policies that cover things like boarding costs when the animal is left in a pet hotel while their owner is hospitalized or costs that come from retrieving animals that are lost. Thanks to all of these options, it is clear that pet insurance is an interesting and possibly very helpful option for all pet owners.

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