Pheromones are natural chemicals that the body releases. It is observed in human beings and also in animals. Female moths use it to attract their male counterparts. Animals secrete pheromones to trigger some behaviours such as alarm and respecting territory.

There are pheromone perfumes in the market for women that are on very high demand.  A few of these synthetic pheromone products are reviewed at We will look at some of them below.

Raw Chemistry Pheromone Oil.

raw chemistryIt has a perfect blend of human pheromones and essential oils in it making it an ideal combination for you. They mimic the body’s natural pheromones that are usually released daily. The scent is pleasing and very durable. The best way to apply this pheromone oil is to use it on the pulse points of our bodies. This fragrance is also very light and will not overpower your actual natural scent. You should apply it before wearing your clothes right after showering so that you may make it more enticing. The best thing about it is that it can be worn with your perfume as it will not interfere with other body fragrances that you are using. It is good since you may use another perfume and have the right blend that adds sophistication to your scent.

Jelique Pure Instinct.

It has a unique blending of fragrance oils with your own pheromones to give it a distinctive scent. It smells different on different people. How amazing is that? It also lasts very long so you should not worry if you leave the house without carrying it in your purse since by evening, the scent will still be there. It is very versatile in that you can even mix it with your lotion to give you that scent all over your body. It can also be added to your bathing water for a romantic experience and ensure it lasts all through. It is a bit lighter than other oils hence you may be required to use more of it than the rest to have the desired effect you are yearning for.

Little Secret Perfume Pheromone.

Some of its main ingredients include jasmine, cedar and sandalwood. It has a very enticing scent that would turn heads. Its base is made with the well-known jojoba oil which will moisturise our skin and ensure that the fragrance lasts longer. The use of sandalwood makes it a perfect option for casual events such as attending meetings or meeting up with a friend for coffee. The best part about this pheromone perfume is that you will not need to mix different products. You will use it as it is. It can be relatively expensive, but it will make people ask what perfume you are using each time you are wearing it. This feature makes it worth its price.

Using pheromone perfumes will boost your confidence and physical appeal. Many women are using it today since it is very long lasting unlike the other fragrances in the supermarket stores. You can choose from one of the above options, and I guarantee you that you will go back for more.