Dog Arthritis – Do Glucosamine Chews Work?

Did you know that glucosamine is also incredibly beneficial for your dog’s health, especially if your dog has issues with arthritis, joint pain, or even both? Spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars at the vet may not always be good for your budget, which is why there are glucosamine supplements specifically made for dogs that […]


How Insulation Contractors Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Going green and saving the environment and reducing carbon footprints are not mere slogans anymore. As more awareness is created, people are getting more and more enthusiastic about saving on energy bills and cutting down on power consumption as well as costs. Spray foam insulation offers a simple solution to the problem. Most often energy […]


Using Vitamin C For Anti-Aging Measures

Topical Vitamin C is one of the most recent developments in the world of medical science, as an aid for skin protection. Vitamin C, when manufactured into a Topical formulation, becomes an excellent antidote against photoaging of the skin. Inventors are especially excited about the protective qualities and anti-inflammatory effects of this vitamin. Once applied, […]


How Does Pet Insurance Work?

People who own pets usually love them dearly and would not want to see anything happen to them, especially when it comes to their health. This is why a lot of them decide to get pet insurance or, at least, believe that this is an excellent idea. But, at the same time, a huge majority […]


Keeping Your Home Safe

The U.S. Department of Justice reports that an American home is burglarized every 15 seconds, and the typical loss of homeowners is nearly $2,000 per burglary. Because the economy is worsening, burglary is becoming more common and widespread. If you do not have homeowner’s insurance, or currently have a high deductible on your insurance, you […]


Review of Identity Guard

Identity theft has become very prevalent in the present times and hence it is very important that you need to find out the way of protecting yourself from this kind of fraudulent act. But you have many security options that help you to acquire enough protection from your credit file. If you are looking for […]


Personal Psychic Development

There are not too many subjects that invoke as much interest (if not controversy) as psychic phenomena. People who are able to accurately predict future events or tell things about someone’s personal life that could not possibly have been known to them stir our imaginations and make us wonder: how can this be? Add to […]


The Purpose of Wearing Lanyards and Charms

Lanyards and charms can be awesome accessories for anyone who wants to benefit from wearing jewelry with a certain meaning. Lanyards are like straps worn around the neck, wrist or even shoulders and the charms works like talismans that can bring you luck, happiness and anything you need in life. Dating back from the fifteenth […]


Welcome To ArmenianFilmFestival.com

The Armenian Film Festival is committed to exhibiting the finest work by independent filmmakers that represent the diversity of Armenian culture across the globe in any cultural, linguistic, and geopolitical setting. The festival presents films and video, features and shorts by and about Armenians.  We are interested in all forms of work – narrative and […]